The story

Love for Weddings. Life for Events. Bloom for Flowers. 

A second generation in the floral and wedding industry, she literally woke up one morning, loved life, and bloomed—that is the story.

Who We Are


 A second generation in the floral and wedding industry, Jennie’s interest in flowers started when she was a child.  Her mother was a self-taught Florist and Wedding Planner and Jennie remembers getting up at dawn and going with her mother to the San Francisco Flower Mart to select and purchase the freshest of flowers. Then there was those endless hours of cleaning and trimming hundreds of flowers and stems, and washing and filling buckets with water. The night before the wedding was always consumed with making corsages and boutonnieres (usually a Friday while watching Full House and Family Matters!), and on the day of the wedding, they were very busy bees setting up as a family team (Her Mother - Florist and Wedding Planner, Setup Team - Jennie and her little sister, and Driver - their Father)—quite an experience and a great beginning for a young "flower child."

But, like most other children, Jennie eventually wanted to spread her own wings and fly, so she decided to go to college to explore and discover her own path. And although she did continue to help her family and friends with flowers and events, it wasn’t until she was helping with her best friend's wedding, which was such a lovely experience, that she suddenly got inspired. Soon after that, she literally woke up one morning and “bloomed,” as she realized that flowers and weddings was what she truly loved, and that this was the path she wanted to take. So, Jennie decided to pursue her dream—and thus, Love Life + Bloom was born!

What We Do

At Love Life + Bloom we love everything and anything weddings, events, and flowers. As a full-service wedding, event planning and floral company, we help you tailor your vision of a perfect day, by assisting you with every element—from the color palettes and aesthetics—to the planning and logistics—so that it fits your unique personality and style, and transforms your event into something timeless, beautiful, and memorable.

From finding that perfect venue—to choosing decorations—to creating beautiful flower arrangements—we will collaborate with you to find just the right style.  Whether you like modern + vintage, elegant + chic, rustic + romantic, timeless + whimsical, simple + traditional, or a mixed palette of all of the above, we enjoy working in every style, and strive to create the one that is perfect for you.

The way we see it—we are "married" to our clients—to have and to hold—and that means that we are dedicated to executing your special day to the fullest—as if it was our own. With carefully selected, high-quality flowers, excellent client service, and customized packages, we work closely with you to achieve your dream vision—from our initial consultation—to attentive and personalized research and design—to setup and execution. And it doesn’t end there. We always follow up with our clients after their weddings to make sure that they feel “happily ever after” with our services, because we really do care, and always look forward to hearing all about the lovely, pretty details about your special day. And as a result, many of our clients have become dear friends!


We LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU ABOUT YOUR lovely pretty details for your special event!